Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on for the past few days like I said I was but its midterm week so I’ve been swamped with work and March Break preperations so once I get on the train I’m all yours tomorrow unti I go back to school on the 16th. Thanks for understanding. ~ admin J 

Here's Anna!

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Hey guys! Admin A here! sorry, i’ve had a busy week. I came on and was about to do an activity check when I realized that almost everyone hasn’t been on for a week. This is a problem. We need to keep this rp alive and we need to get online for that to happen. So I will post the list of characters who haven’t been on and if you see one of yours, please get on! We need to keep this from dying!

  • shock
  • merida
  • aurora
  • milo
  • barrel
  • matt
  • tobias
  • belle
  • donny
  • stitch
  • peter
  • violet
  • elsa
  • mickey
  • chris
Are you ever going to update the follow list?
- Anonymous

Working on it now!

~Admin A

Hi :) How would I go about submitting an application and what characters are open? I just found this and it looks awesome

You can submit an application on the tab on the right called Apply! :) 

The open characters are located in the tab titled Characters, also on the right! 

Thank you! I hope to see you soon!

~Admin S

Anna Arendelle OC App

Welcome to DMH, Blue! You’ve been accepted as the role of Anna! Please make your account and send it in within 48 hours! Please track dmhstarter. Can’t wait to roleplay with you!

~Admin S 

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Okay, so the character that I have in mind, is, like I said, a sibling of one of the other characters. He is an actual character in the Disney world. Is he considered an OC?
- Anonymous

That’s fine! When we say oc, we just mean a character we don’t have a bio for yet.
~Admin A

If someone wrote an OC for Anna instead of the bio, would that work?
- Anonymous

Of course! That’s fine!
~Admin A

So, I've got a separate blog set up, hopefully it's okay. If there's something that needs changing, please let me know. If not, I can probably post a starter sometime today, and start getting to know everyone.

Everyone follow merida!
~Admin A

Um, hi. I'm the new Merida, and I've got the account set up, and I'd like to know if it's alright if it's just a side blog. If not, I'll make a different one, but this is just a wee bit more convenient for me. Also, how would one suggest I send the account in? Just a general link?

We’d prefer if you made a new account since you’re not already a part of our roleplay.
~Admin A